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Landlord Tenant Issues
Property ownership creates many opportunities for owners, and can also lead to certain issues. Baner and Baner Law Firm can ensure evictions and other legal procedures are done properly. A tenant, under the law, has bargained for some right to "possession" from the title holder, and the tenant gains protections as well. Evicting one that fails to pay rent used to be a matter of changing the locks, but now to do so quickly under the unlawful detainer action (a special statutory proceeding designed to quickly and efficiently address evictions) strict compliance to the procedures are required. We offer very competitive staggered flat fees to handle evictions. Property owners can feel free to give us a call for tips if you are proceeding on your own.

Traffic infraction defense
Speeding tickets, running stop signs, traffic cameras, enforcement zones, etc. Washington state has many avenues of making driving an expensive affair. And then your private insurance company will be notified of certain infractions, and that company will increase your rates. In Washington traffic tickets are civil in nature not criminal. The State (or city) need only prove by a preponderance of the evidence that an infraction has been committed. The State, and officers, will often times attempt to accomplish this by hoping it is not contested, and even when contested, by hoping the contestation is not well done. If you are charged with an infraction make sure that the speed measuring device is certified properly, that the officers are trained in its use, that the device had been recently calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer's specification. It is a battle of finding minor defects. Baner and Baner offers a $200 flat fee to cover most infractions in our area (King, Pierce, and Thurston counties).


What you want in your attorney is results. You want to win.You could have plead guilty on your own, or been found liable by not responding to the complaint to begin with.

In a court decision someone is a winner, and someone is a loser. The attorneys at Baner and Baner know which camp our clients want to fall into. What results do we obtain? Charges dismissed! Liability avoided! Lengthy maintenance secured! Favorable parenting plans! Unfortunately, verdicts cannot be guaranteed. Anyone that says otherwise is either a liar or a fool. We can assure you that we will work diligently on your behalf. We also promise that we will explain the process to you in detail, and, at least, allow you time to prepare if a bad verdict may occur, but only as a last resort..

Unbundled legal services
Sometimes hiring a lawyer is going too far. Sometimes it is advisable financially or for other reasons to be pro se ("on own behalf") in a legal battle. There are many great resources such as Washington Law Help and the Washington Courts website to provide substantive guidance, and step by step walk throughs on many actions. Sometimes, however, you need a lawyer for one thing. Just that one court appearance, or that one complaint. When that happens, we are glad to provide "unbundled legal services" or "limited scope representation" where we are hired to do just that one legal task for you. If you think such representation may be appropriate for you, then please call us today.