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A law firm you can count on

Baner and Baner Law Firm was established in 2011. We're proudly located in University Place, Washington at 4007 Bridgeport Way W Ste. D. 

Since 2011 we've helped clients facing a number of pressing legal challenges, both in and out of the court. We represent clients in personal injury, family law, immigration law, debt collections, appeals, and civil litigation. 

Baner and Baner Law Firm was founded by Jonathan Baner and Miranda Baner, husband and wife. Jonathan handles legal matters involving personal injury, debt collections, appeals, and civil litigation such as contract disputes. Miranda takes on cases involving immigration law with a focus on family-based matters, contentious family law disputes from divorce/legal separation to child custody, as well as the complex cases where family law is intertwined with immigration law. 

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