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Jonathan Baner

Jonathan "Jonny" Baner focuses his practice on personal injury, civil litigation, debt collection, and appeals.

Jonny represents creditors that are individuals, businesses, and debt collection companies. The bulk of his practice involves discovering and garnishing or otherwise seizing assets of debtors for sale to the benefit of creditor clients.

He represents creditors across all of Washington State including in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Spokane. He has had cases in almost every county in Washington. 

As an attorney that has previously represented thousands of debtors in the State he is acutely aware of how both sides operate and are incentivized to reach resolutions. His clients receive the benefit of years of experience in the industry, knowledge of how banks and employers operate, how debtors want to resolve cases, and how specific courts see different cases.

Jonny's personal injury practice is devoted to getting the right funds to the right people. Personal injury victims have been physically and emotionally injured by the fault of a negligent person or company. Personal injury encompasses motor vehicle wrecks, slip and falls, assaults, bicycle injuries, and even injuries from defective equipment at the gym or elsewhere.

In his appellate practice with an emphasis on civil appeals, Jonny has appeared before the Washington Supreme Court and the lower appellate courts, representing clients in both civil (to include family law appeals) and criminal appeals.

Jonny's civil litigation practice focuses on small to medium sized businesses with an emphasis on litigation.  He represents businesses in meeting their regulatory and litigation needs including resolving disputes between co-owners of businesses.

Growing up in St. Louis, Jonny was surrounded by the hard-working values of his parents. His father was a union autoworker and his mother worked in hospitality, instilling in Jonny a deep respect for the value of labor. He pursued his education in Sociology and Criminology at Missouri State University, where he excelled and earned two bachelor's degrees all while forming a lifelong partnership with his wife and future law partner, Miranda Baner. Eventually, Jonny went on to attend Michigan State University College of Law and graduated with honors in 2010.

Jonny is in Tacoma by choice.  He and his wife knew that they wanted to live in Tacoma. After graduation from law school they moved across the country to a place where they had no connections or job prospects. They have made the City of Destiny their home ever since.

Jonny Baner is a white man with a beard in a 3 piece black suit with a blue tie. He stands smiling in the center of the frame in front of a glass building.

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