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Open positions

We are always on the lookout for great additions to our firm. If you think you are a great fit we encourage you to send us an application. In addition there are some times when we are actively looking for specific positions. The below positions are ones that we are actively soliciting applications for immediate employment. Send resumes to


Pay: $21.00 - $27.00 per hour DOE

Job type: Full-time in person. Remote work possible for 1-2 days per week provided remote work location is appropriate.



  • Paid time off

  • Retirement plan

  • Health insurance assistance

  • Remote work


Who we are:

Our clients are everyone from small claims creditors to corporate business to business creditors. We are in University Place, WA. The firm is owned by two attorneys. One focuses on personal injury and debt collections, and the other focuses on family law and family-based immigration.


What we need:

A paralegal with knowledge of judgment enforcement, personal injury and civil litigation to assist in all aspects of pre and post judgment collection and personal injury cases. Although some learning on the job is, of course, expected our preferred candidate would already have extensive knowledge of personal injury practice.


Debt collection experience is less important and more training can be provided. Most debt collection practices in the office are limited to either basic civil litigation or garnishments. Organization and attention to detail, like all areas of law, is paramount.


Demonstrate your capabilities in your application. Do not send confidential or personally identifying information for any client. Proofread this posting for example.


This position works with and reports directly to one partner – Jonny Baner. The family law and immigration attorney, Miranda Baner, has a separate paralegal. Both positions, for now, alternate and assist one another for basic office administrative tasks including answering incoming telephone calls at this time.



  • 3+ years law firm experience as a paralegal or with paralegal responsibilities.

  • 2+ years personal injury experience as a paralegal

  • Ability to, experience with, and act independently for extended periods of time while exercising appropriate judgment.

  • Knowledge of all aspects of personal injury litigation

  • References will be contacted prior to hiring.

  • Knowledge of Office 365 products and ability to problem solve traditional legal technologies such as: Word (extensive), Excel (infrequent), Sharpeoint Online (trainable) (site creation, list view/edit), Teams, Outlook, printer issues.

  • Ability to schedule, calendar, notify relevant parties, and confirm, etc. motions.

  • Ability to file in any county (State only) and learn changing e-filing requirements as necessary.

  • Processing ex parte presentation via clerk experience.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  • Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and perform responsibilities timely.


Preferences – things that are helpful, but not required:

  • Knowledge of debt collection procedures, but primarily garnishments.

  • Knowledge of various local rules, filings systems, etc. of local courts.

  • Experience with Washington State court filing systems (LINX, King ECR, Odyssey).

  • Attention to detail.

  • Zola law office practice management (obtaining)


Examples of expected tasks:

  1. Submit writs of garnishment to courts, garnishees, and debtors.

  2. Respond to email correspondence sent to attorney.

  3. Review/file summons/complaints for debt collection and personal injury matters.

  4. Deposition and other discovery prep.


Beyond the basics:

This is a professional law office. Our clients should be kept regularly informed as their cases progress in a timely fashion. Juggling multiple responsibilities is a common issue.

We strive to be the most efficient law firm in the State through innovation in our fees, practices, software, and people. We don’t want someone that merely robotically flows through work (though sometimes that is a necessary evil) because we can create software for that task. We want someone that grows the firm’s organizational knowledge, skills, and systems for now and into the future. We want someone that is constantly growing his or her own skills as well. In short, a team player that wants to excel.

Typical hours are 8a to 430p, but some flexibility is, of course, possible.


Who you will primarily work with:

Jonny Baner represents creditors and injured plaintiffs; he wrote this and could not get through even this first sentence without finding the third person autobiography bizarre and uncharacteristic. I am looking for someone that can work incredibly closely with me to ensure that all of my cases move properly and successfully forward. There are a large number of moving parts at times where organization is absolutely necessary – and that organization typically does not come from me on a day to day basis.


I do not want someone that has to be reminded of things multiple times or that submits to me materials and expect me to proofread for basic grammar or similar problems. I do not want to have to hold hands for every small legal requirement on every case – and certainly not more than a couple of times. We all learn from mistakes and I am looking for someone that has already learned from many of the basic mistakes already – and can also catch me before I make them as well.

More generically, we are looking for someone who can provide opinions and ideas for improvements that can happen. Occasionally, entire days may be dedicated to revamping existing systems or automations to make everyone’s life easier. One of the best ideas we were previously provided was to “get a custom stamp.” We certainly want more great ideas.


I recognize that this position can be difficult with the numerous moving parts. A learning curve for some of the existing technology stack is expected as well.


Application process:

  1. Send resume and cover letter.

  2. Phone interview.

  3. Technical interview – a 30 minute or so skills demonstration in person.

  4. Contact references.

  5. Background check.


All serious applicants will be responded to with a decision and feedback as to why. If you’ve taken the time to apply you are entitled to know the result.


COVID-19 precautions

Vaccinations required. We are in-person working in accordance with Washington State Department of Health guidelines. For now, no client presence is occurring.

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