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Small Claims Pick-3 - your solution to small claims problems

Small claims cases get to the legal conclusion quickly: either the Court agrees that money is owed to a party or not. But then what? 

Our unique Pick-3 option for small claims cases is your answer to that question. Whether it is just 3 garnishments of wages, or figuring out where someone works, and then garnishing that job 2 times the Pick-3 approach allows flexible options for your case at a reasonable fixed rate. Some added court or investigator costs may apply in some circumstances.

Small claims success

We get your small claims case over the finish line and into collections with our proven methods and resources.

Unique fixed fee 

There are no surprise fees or unexpected calculations. Attorney fees will be set and fixed at time of hire.


We offer more than ten different options in our Pick-3 service. We explain the options and will recommend the course, but you pick. It's your case and your life after all.

Our Pick-3 choices

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