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Addressing Your Debt Collection Concerns: Part 3

In this third installment of our blog series, we continue to tackle the common worries that judgment creditors often have when considering hiring a collections law firm. Our aim is to provide insights that may help allay these concerns, but also acknowledging when certain fears may be grounded in reality. This transparency and clear-headed analysis are what we strive for at Garnishment Gurus.

Don't let your debt collection concerns prevent you from recovering what was promised to you by your customers.

Before engaging in any debt collection process, it is worth considering the pros and cons. But too often we find our clients have focused on the downsides. We want to try to alleviate that in advance. Thus, here are five more possible concerns you should have, but should also give full consideration to.

#11. Difficulty in Trusting Someone With Sensitive Information

Trust is a fundamental aspect of any professional relationship, especially when sensitive financial data is involved. As attorneys, we are bound by professional and legal standards to keep your information confidential. Furthermore, we take extra measures to secure all data, using encrypted digital storage and strict protocols on information access and sharing. Sensitive information is available only to those that need it. Court rules are also in place to protect debtor information. When in doubt - ask us. We respect your privacy and also the debtor's privacy.

#12. Inability to Pay Retainer or Upfront Costs

Debt collection does not have to be prohibitively expensive. For most collections cases, we operate on a contingency basis – meaning you don't pay any fee unless we're successful in collecting your debt.

#13. Uncertainty About the Legal Process

The legal system can seem complex and intimidating. The good news is that you don't have to know it all yourself. We aim to guide our clients through the process, providing clear explanations at each step. For many of our clients we operate simply as a seemingly automated service where a debt request comes in, and after time (and our services) money comes back.

#14. Fear of Escalating the Situation

While it's true that legal action can sometimes escalate situations, it is often the necessary path towards debt recovery. We aim to handle each case professionally and tactfully, mitigating unnecessary conflict and focusing on securing the debt owed to you. By far this concern is most appropriate in family law judgment enforcement. In those situations there is an intimate history between the parties and often children involved. Trust that we have extensive experience in these delicate situations and will work with you to ensure this concern is adequately addressed.

#15. Worry That It May Not Be Worth It

Every debt situation is unique. It may not be worth pursuing every debt, but you don't need to make that decision alone. We can provide a realistic evaluation of your case, giving you the information you need to decide whether to proceed.

Stay tuned for the final installment of this series where we address the last five concerns on our list. As always, we are here to help guide you through the complexities of debt collection. Connect with Garnishment Gurus today for a consultation.

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