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Frequently asked: Do I need a lawyer for my personal injury case?

Yes, you are best served by having experienced attorney in most circumstances.

Finding an attorney is an important step in most personal injury lawsuits. It should not be taken lightly. Finding the right attorney isn't always easy. When looking for an attorney you need an attorney that you can trust. You need an attorney that is available for your case. You need an attorney that you are comfortable communicating with.

Some automobile accident matters do not involve any bodily injuries and only minor property damage. When the damage to the vehicle can be easily determined and the insurer is willing to pay for that damage then there is less of a need for an attorney. It is important to evaluate and ensure there are no injuries or unpaid expenses before finalizing any such arrangement.

So, why would you need an attorney?

Most personal injury lawsuits boil down to two primary issue: liability and damage. Liability may be thought of as the determining if an injury was the fault of the defendant. Determining liability can involve complex legal and factual questions.

If the injury was caused by some negligent or intentional act (or omission), then what is the amount of money that will come the closest to making the injured party whole. Some damages are easy to calculate (the hospital's x-ray bill), but some are almost impossible to put a number on (loss of a 41 year old husband and father).

Knowing how to answer and prove those questions and issues is what attorneys do.


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