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Landlord-Tenant-State relationships - a nonconsensual love triangle. Part 1: introduction

The Washington State Legislature has passed bill E2SSB 5160. Passing both chambers on April 11, 2021 the bill is on its way to becoming law.

The legislature describes the bill as providing:

  1. Tenant protections during the public health emergency,

  2. Legal aid in eviction proceedings for tenants

  3. Eviction resolution pilot program

  4. Landlord rental assistance programs

Unfortunately for landlords, the legislation creates numerous restrictions and protections for the benefit of tenants at the expense of landlords. Many of these changes are pandemic related and started with statewide proclamations in 2020.

The overall summary of the legislation includes provisions for:

  1. Reasonable repayment plans for unpaid "rent" that the legislation determined is 1/3 of the normal monthly "rent."

  2. Provides for reimbursement under the landlord mitigation program for unpaid rent to landlords under some conditions -- funding dependent.

  3. Free attorney services for all indigent tenants.

  4. Changes in some eviction proceedings.

As the final text of the legislation is agreed on and signed into law additional articles will further explain this romance.

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