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New year means new exemptions

With the start of 2021 means the annual adjustment of minimum wage across the State and some local ordinances taking effect. See Labor and Industries announcement for details and the 2021 wage poster.

State minimum wage: $13.69

Highest minimum wage in state generally: $16.69

This means that some garnishment exemption amounts also increase. Private student loan exemption amounts, tied to the highest minimum wage in the State, increase as follows:

Weekly $ 834.50

Bi weekly $ 1,669.00

Semi monthly $1,814.29

Monthly $ 3,628.58

Consumer debt exemption amounts also increase as they are tied to the general minimum wage of the State.

Weekly $ 834.50

Bi weekly $1,669.00

Semi monthly $1,814.29

Monthly $ 3,628.58

Federal minimum wage remains unchanged and applies to general non-consumer, non-student loan, non child support, non spousal support type debts. Those amounts are unchanged from last year.

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